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Content is comming here as you probably can see.
You can spend virtually hours generating team names and killing yourself laughing over the random creations. Let us know if you end up using one of these random generations and what the name is.
*WARNING: This list may contain names that some people may find sexually suggestive, offensive or rude.
If you have name suggestions please send them in.

Random Results
  Long Nightmare     Shoot Ass Batters Einsteins     Toys Towers     Blossom Pound Babies  
  Country Breeze     Debating P-Rex Professors     Monte Badgers Babies     Trauger Reds Hackers  
  Der Stealheads     Rotted Bruisers     South Fundamentals Farmers     Conad Pegasus Fish  
  Santos Caliente Women     Ez Freemasons Kings     Runny Frisbeerians     Jeremiah's Leap Men  
  See Bystanders Presidents     Go America's All-American Guts     Tourist Sportsmen Killers     151 In The Oven  
  Pitt Final     3rd Peacocks Flakes     Wise Scared Too Babies     Tri-City Wheelers Boys  
  Riff Violets     Civil Youth     Nurse Icebreaker Bears     Folly Batmen Girls  
  Whoop-Ray Spike     Spiked Geckos Femmes     Chilie Leaders Hawks     Gold Turtles Bricks  
  Nuclear Energy     Clear Hornettes Presidents     Phunky Inferno     Alley Forever Professors  
  Bad Balloons Farmers     By Civilians Einsteins     Elders, Celts     Turbo Accidents  
  Madison Globe     Sharp Socialites Women     Moody Greatest Scam Einsteins     Too Monks Rockers  
  Longshot Wizz Rockers     Shining Champions Simpletons     Elrod's Quake     Dick '2XSF'/'2XSV'  
  Pulplike Tim Snakes     Volley Debris     Paralyzed Allentown Hackers     Pump Flag  
  Remie's Pistons Dudes     Speedy City Hitmen     Reggae Ufoed Kings     Faulty Beer  
  Three Ufos     Ground Logos     Valley Grasshopers     Life Testosterone Hurt Patrol  
  Anything to Score     Running Sun     Bad End Scrap     Sloppy Limits  
  Santos Of Berdon Bugs     Mickey Hyenas     Lost Gladiators Geeks     Hang Dynamites  
  Fighting Heroes     False Fusilade Hawks     Final Batmen     Ez Tips  
  Classic Smokies Einsteins     Diamond Troublemakers Flakes     Passing Volcano     Boat Nasty Rockers  
  Case Americans Professors     Buzz Conquistadors Hoosiers     Busta Destroyers Nerds     Tar Aristocats Snakes  
  Fighting Cities Worms     Jody Next Crawlers     Rainbow Lucky Ladies Fish     Thrill Low Roof Dudes  
  Down 12's     Loser Admirals Girls     Show Jordans Rockers     Served Gargoyles  
  Sierra E-Lemon-Ators     Thirty Cheetahs Dudes     Quivering Alternative Dudes     Show Rippers  
  Lady Benders     So Columbians Boilers     Ice Whistle     Milwaukee Banditos Boilers  
  Nuclear Al's Team     Cameroon Mud     East Trick Femmes     Sonova Spike It Hot Flakes  
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