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Content is comming here as you probably can see.
You can spend virtually hours generating team names and killing yourself laughing over the random creations. Let us know if you end up using one of these random generations and what the name is.
*WARNING: This list may contain names that some people may find sexually suggestive, offensive or rude.
If you have name suggestions please send them in.

Random Results
  Karma Knockouts     Ba-Da-Bing Aeros     Guts Tsunami     Hot Society  
  Hocus Rescheduled     Pierced Shuttle Wigglers     Laughing Debris     Motor Mexicanos Crawlers  
  White Exploration Worms     Humorless Taz Longhairs     Hard Waves     Heaving Winners Farmers  
  Cogito Passers Worms     Life Sporting Longhairs     We'll Trip Hackers     Sizzle Virus  
  Fifth Streetball Longhairs     Psycho Fire     Bosch American     Fly Blackburn  
  Wabx Blocks Away Femmes     Sir Mothers     Armed Seconds Simpletons     Lighting Insiders  
  Sandy Baskets     Uphill Class     Remie's Alternative Professors     Stunt on Mondays Flakes  
  Never Dukes     Shady's Bacon     Lumber Regals     California Search Farmers  
  Mission: Juniors     Dow Battalion Geeks     Con Volleyance     Pink Technicians Hoosiers  
  Gonzo Magazines Men     Cunning Atlas     Labatt's Babies Hoosiers     Original Texans  
  Gacey's Nails     Cci Sign Rockers     Onion E! True Volleyball Story     Stroh's-Lrn Snoopies Hoosiers  
  Jonathan Dome     Forget Bisons     Volleyball Busters     Nurse Scream  
  Dawg Horns     Treasure Lionhearts Kings     Johnny Gulls     Paul's Debozo  
  Philadelphia Swamp     Orange Citadels Snakes     Gratuitous Starblast     Sky Mass Presidents  
  West Renegades Hoosiers     2k Pins Men     Whoop-Ray Fun     Forest Europeans Bricks  
  Fighting Squad Simpletons     Quiet Chimps     J.T. O.C. Rags     Quivering Bmw  
  Physical House     Cogito Trick     Buzzards, Of The Damned Simpletons     Death Frisbee Cowboys  
  Nothing Gunners     Lightning Chairmen Hackers     Fab Great Highland Avenue Aces Einsteins     Guts Exploration  
  Bounce Yellow     Flood Rats Einsteins     Ba-Da-Bing Pole Boilers     Full and Dirty Pylons (D.D.P.)  
  Pittbulls Red Hoosiers     Retro American     A-1 Conquer Worms     Bay Yorkers Longhairs  
  Incredible Jumpers     Athletic Servicemen     Bounce Energy     Stunt Multiplex  
  Brock Eel     Runny Enders     Two Gimmick     Deez Scorpions Worms  
  Special Griffons Babies     Panic Mudhens     Laughing Hornettes     Zombie Goldstrikers  
  Dear X-Ers     River Cheaters     Lightning Starblast Killers     Two Frisbee Cowboys Hawks  
  Humblies Bucks     Irish Flames     Notorious Clowns Babies     Gonzo Minutemaids Femmes  
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