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Content is comming here as you probably can see.
You can spend virtually hours generating team names and killing yourself laughing over the random creations. Let us know if you end up using one of these random generations and what the name is.
*WARNING: This list may contain names that some people may find sexually suggestive, offensive or rude.
If you have name suggestions please send them in.

Random Results
  Les Dogs I     Village Civic     Wine Associates     Twelve The Hits  
  Hip Hoopsters Boilers     Tidal Catbirds Worms     Rock Winkles, The     Bounce Shock  
  Lodge, Lobos Flakes     Fighting Century Boilers     Geo Cave Crawlers     Yellow Comets Bugs  
  Trauger Fans Rags     Black & Bump-Head     Time Beez Bears     Reggae Fox  
  Hideous Irony Bugs     Monster Service Presidents     Scary Hens Rags     Cutter's Sand Slingers Professors  
  10 Officials     Sirenni's Vultures Flakes     Rug Potters     Sting Eel Presidents  
  Mac Packers     Just Yes     Primary Cable Boilers     Bad Fields Bears  
  Can-Am Rebels Longhairs     Buzzards, Jumpers     Beer Usa     Quiet Rangerettes  
  Copper News Beerfielders     Vertically Mounties     Chicago Magazines Crawlers     Western Jumpmen  
  Huckin Capitalists     Trash Freighters Women     Huckin Madmen Boilers     Madison Ocean Hackers  
  Local Cutters     Mile Aussies Hoosiers     Goal Johns Parlor Bricks     Stunned Mixers Presidents  
  Quiet Serial Killers Bugs     And Bud Weiser Simpletons     Deacon Leather Boys     Double Wish Bears  
  Red Guardians Femmes     Cosmic Fourtitude     Jerry's Exports     Daring Crimson Girls  
  Canadian Tazmanians Destroyers     Top Score Einsteins     Dirty Ramblers     Doesn't Xplosion  
  Terrifying Junior Femmes     Tossed Trip     Plastic Piranhas Nerds     Les Naturals Einsteins  
  Wicked Foxtrotters     Violent Celebrity     Ac Albion     International Dolphins  
  Kickin' Grizzlies     Motley Lowgators     Cheap Disqualified Hawks     Panic Busters  
  Red Desperados Nerds     Monster Sport Bricks     Deez Arcadian Kings     Debriefing Basketballers Snakes  
  Cupola Forfeit     Kcuf Wolverines Farmers     Carry Magnificent Champions Of The Universelibrary Bar     Killing Arabs Girls  
  Rainbow Instruments Worms     Explosive Bengals     Phantom Spank Bricks     Who Avenue Aces Destroyers  
  Boys Juventus     Sky Starheels Babies     Robert Shepherds Hackers     Wall, Queens Worms  
  Daring Sauna Hot Rocks     Older Desperados Killers     Frost Komets     Case Junction Double Suction Longhairs  
  Crash Aeros     Shag Colonels     Vertigo Hangmen     International Venus  
  Inductive Microspikers Hackers     Street Mike Head Bob's     Blue Enforcers Hoosiers     Retro Huck Bugs  
  Humorless Olympics Hackers     Ty Lasalle     Femme In A Dream     Way Shankalot Bears  
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