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Content is comming here as you probably can see.
You can spend virtually hours generating team names and killing yourself laughing over the random creations. Let us know if you end up using one of these random generations and what the name is.
*WARNING: This list may contain names that some people may find sexually suggestive, offensive or rude.
If you have name suggestions please send them in.

Random Results
  Apple D.I.G. II Hoosiers     Bone America Femmes     Bad Blazing Sunburns     Fair Freshmen Wigglers  
  Mediterranean Negative Fish     Sandy Concrete Snakes     Twisters Pumas     Electric Waverunners  
  People's Family     Ripley's Vanguard     Berkeley Ringrays     Sticky Spike Flakes  
  Runny Cruise Boilers     Nurse Prison Crawlers     Buzzards, Zen     Arm Faddle Destroyers  
  Foul Griffons     Kinky Titanknicks Kings     A-1 Kicks Farmers     Avant Poltergeist Bugs  
  Ba-Da-Bing 2 Yield     Best Yoyophat Men     Dynamo America's Geeks     Dinks Shippers Geeks  
  Prime Cleats Rockers     Blazing Alive     Fab Friends Boys     Random Germans Men  
  Southern Alert Geeks     Junkyard Together     Orange Geeks     Borg, Made Better Passes In A Bar...  
  Hollow Skillmatic Destroyers     I Sandstorm Nerds     Buzzards, Walk-On     Wal-Joe Caps  
  Landshark Kicks Kings     Rug Triple A     Vision Kong Fireworks Company     Running Treshers Dudes  
  Los Roses Geeks     Mile Comets     Diggers Manglers     Crazy Grizzlies  
  Scary Spectacle     West Wish Hawks     This Murderers     Lucky Minies  
  Triangle Usa     Wabx Question     Fukowee Of Berdon     Captain Intruders Babies  
  Use Disc-O-Ducks Simpletons     Bottlemen Starters Boys     Dog Change     Beer Serves Dudes  
  Smoking Treasures     Crazed Knows     Big Motion     False Generals  
  Only Bust     Bosch Friends Longhairs     Mill Scream     Free Geeks Fish  
  Walnut at Frisbee Men     Motor Start Kings     6 Testosterone Hurt Patrol Bears     Cutting Gargoyles  
  Speedy Abracadabra Rags     Old Footfire Professors     Road Kittens Worms     Dare Missionaries Girls  
  Berkeley Chumps Crawlers     Napolean Detective Agency     Pierced Legions     Ballz Cosmos Hoosiers  
  Mickey Spirits     Guts Flame Femmes     Tough Beers Destroyers     Red Alternatives Bugs  
  Kcuf Dames     Harass Pressure     Kickin' Stingers     Western Sophomores Bugs  
  Horizontal Raptors Einsteins     Itsy Brigade Babies     175 Salamanders Killers     Shore Tides Professors  
  Outer Outlaws Kings     Dog United Wigglers     Nurse Formula Girls     Four Protons Hawks  
  Team Vegetables Snakes     Elders, Inter-Coolers     J.T. Scream     White Noise Hackers  
  Serving Golddiggers Kings     Rainbow Out     Montego Destruction Hackers     Out Champs  
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